My love Dennis and I absolutely LOVE a great Argentinian Malbec. In fact, when we go out for a nice steak, one of us will order a Malbec and the other will order a Cabernet Sauvignon so we can see which we like better and go back and forth. Yes, we’re wine geeks like that. This year as part of his Valentine’s gift, I wanted to get him a couple of really nice bottles of wine, so I went to a local wine shop a couple of miles down the road from me called the Wine Vine on Highland Street in Worcester, MA. Dennis and I just love this shop.

The owners Sang and Camille are wonderful… knowledgeable, friendly, just a really nice couple. So I went in asking for a nice Argentinian Malbec, and Sang suggested the Marta’s Vineyard 2008 Reserve Malbec. He explained that this particular wine only comes out with a vintage every 10 years, so of course this 2008 was the latest vintage. Marta’s Vineyard is a family business. They grow the vines, handpick the grapes, and select the very best to go into their wines. Their winemaker then makes the wine under the watch of Marta Lunardi,which is who the business is named after and led by, and then they cellar and bottle it. 

We finally opened this bottle the other night, and oh my what a treat! We aerated it through an instant aerator/decanter, and then took a few sips before pairing it with a deep chocolate cake. The first thing I noticed was how smooth it was as far as tannins go, but still had decent acidity to it. The fruit, oh the fruit! Blackberries, plum, even chocolate, you name it! It was heaven. Little did I know, that was just the beginning. 

Then the chocolate cake came…

No words! NONE! It was heavenly! The cake brought out all of the chocolate undertones of the wine and completely smoothed out the acidity of the wine. It was like a chocolate/fruit party on the palate! As incredible as this wine was alone, I didn’t want to keep sipping without pairing a little bit of the cake with each sip, that’s how delicious the combination was.

We also paired it with pot roast later on (yes, dessert before dinner… we just couldn’t wait for the chocolate and Malbec pairing!), and although it was also delicious with the pot roast, it was far better with the chocolate cake as a pairing. I imagine it would have been incredible with a nice medium/medium-rare steak. Guess there’s only one way to find out!

I went to the Marta’s Vineyard website in hopes of finding some more detailed information about this particular wine, but I couldn’t find anything at all, so I emailed them in hopes of some more info. Bottom line? It’s amazing, and at $32 a bottle we will certainly be returning to the Wine Vine to purchase another bottle!