Snowed In With Mulled Wine

I have always been a fan of wine cocktails, whether a morning mimosa or bellini with brunch, sangria in the summer, and especially mulled wine. Also known as glögg,Glühwein, and many other names I cannot pronounce, mulled wine is a wine beverage served hot or warm,...

Gift Giving: Thinking Outside The Box

The holidays are a special time of year, and so should be the wine we gift our friends and loved ones. Special wines don’t necessarily need to equate to expensive or unapproachable. There are a variety of ways you can give a fabulous gift without spending hundreds of...

International Grenache Day

International Grenache Day is celebrated on the third Friday each September. According to, The Grenache Association established Grenache Day to celebrate this grape and all the varieties and vintages of wine that were produced from it. In fact, over...

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Snowed In With Mulled Wine

I have always been a...

International Grenache Day

International Grenache...

Oh Malbec, How I Love Thee

My love Dennis and I...


Choosing the Right Glassware

I was once one of the...

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