What You Need to Know About Champagne

As long as I can remember, I’ve had an incredible passion for Champagne. Champagne was my very first experience with fine wine, and has become a regular part of my wine drinking. Champagne is not simply a bottle of bubbly wine, however … What is Champagne? Champagne...

Oh Malbec, How I Love Thee

My love Dennis and I absolutely LOVE a great Argentinian Malbec. In fact, when we go out for a nice steak, one of us will order a Malbec and the other will order a Cabernet Sauvignon so we can see which we like better and go back and forth. Yes, we’re wine geeks like...

Adoring Adorable Chardonnay

Chardonnay has a problem I hope to have one day: everybody loves it and it’s too popular. Wine snobs consider modern Chardonnay to be pandering populist trash, the wine equivalent of the art world's immortal Dogs Playing Poker. It is well known that novice wine lovers...

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Oh Malbec, How I Love Thee

My love Dennis and I...


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I was once one of the...

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